30 Years Experience

Message from the global director

With over 30 years’ experience in business and management and 14 year track record of joint consultancy working, the business owners bring a unique and unrivalled network of connections.

IIQS has to its position a portfolio of high level, high quality contacts and as such and extremely valuable ability to source, negotiate and finalise property investment transactions on its own behalf and on a representative basis for a significant portfolio of sophisticated investors.

Dr Rowena Dyson


Dr Rowena DysonDirector
Supporting commercial institutions development and financial operations and knowledgable in the private sector.
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Dr Sally-Anne TommyDirector
Qualified professional with specialised competences and over 30 years’ experience in Management and Consultancy
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Dr John Paul Edward MacLachlan
Independent Senior Project Consultant, holding B.A.(Hons) in Business Administration and Economics.
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Dr Tom A Dyson
Involved in the Energy Sector for three decades with projects on multiple technical environments, organizational functions and countries.
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Dr Said Kamal
Professor Emeritus, Doctor in Social and Economic Sciences
Said is an international qualified Enterprise Content.
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Dr Martin Leyshon
Previously studied Law and High Court Enforcement, Dr Leyshon is Chairman of the High Court Enforcement Officers Association.
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